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List of sites / tools / articles

This is my own personal list (focus is tilted towards game development & marketing).
Realized this might be as helpful to others as it wil be for myself.
Any suggestions or ideas please post at the bottom in the comments section.
Soundcloud Interesting concept

Steam Birds Postmortem Video
Interesting game development, how to create a game, generate revenue.

Steam Birds Article
Interesting in depth review regarding the steam birds revenue deals.

Sprite sheets, tutorials, articles

RPG Makers & Toolkits
RPG Toolkit
A downloadable RPG Maker (for window machines)

RPG Maker Series
This has the most resources available to it (RPGMaker VX and RPGMaker XP)

Large List of RPG makers
Various list of RPG Makers, downloable links.

Code Toolsets for Web
How to use to prevent spam and help decipher blurry old book texts :)
Also has a mailhide tool at the end, click on and you get a captcha, which needs to be deciphered before the email address is shown.

Google Storage
Essentially offload large files to the cloud. Similar to Amazon's S3 storage system. I personally like the simplicity of google solution, click the video when you visit the page.

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