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Obama Caricature

Create your own Barrack Obama caricature (ecard, save image or embed obama).
This caricature was based on various obama photos (see below).
Choose from a number of expressions, and text commentary. The commentary picks up the overly optimistic vibes of Obamamania. As exciting a candidate as he may be (articulate and well spoken, young, mixed heritage background) but the belief that he can fix all problems without making any hard choices is a worrying sign.

Images drawn by Louai Munajim.

Obama Photos
A Hillary and Barrack Obama shot

Obama is the one, the Matrix parody

And who could forget the immigrant visiting America, starring Barrack Hussein Obama

Obama in front of the superman statue

The yes we can logo done in a women's liberation poster. :)

A mad magazine Obama cover, Alfred E. Neuman, "Yes we Can't", with the infamous What me Worry look :)

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